Stretch Marks Retreats
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Take a moment for yourself…

Retreats designed for you to refuel, refresh, and refocus to create simple positive change in your everyday life


 Do you feel overwhelmed and unsupported in your daily life?

Maybe you’re stuck in a place that feels very limited. Your dreams for more peace and fulfillment feel impossible and far away. You’re frustrated, you’re exhausted, and you’re feeling unsure of how to move forward.

There’s a voice inside encouraging you to follow that passion… go back to school or take that art class, but when will you ever find the time with all that’s on your plate. Pursuing your dreams feels like just that, a dream.

You know one thing is for sure: something’s got to change.


Hi, I’m Amber Trueblood

Six years ago I felt lost, alone, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I wished for a community of support, a well of inspiration, realistic guidance, and encouragement from other women like me.

I wanted simple, easy-to-use tools and tips I could realistically implement into my daily life. Sound familiar?

Do you need the time and space to rest, refuel your spirit, and redirect your life?


Amber is an author & parenting expert with four sons and Masters degrees in both Business and Clinical Psychology

“I followed Amber’s simple yet brilliant steps to find the balance that I thought there was no way I could find in the insanity that was my life, and I was miraculously able to find MYSELF again. I found what makes ME happy and fulfilled apart from the utter joy (and chaos) of being a mom. With Amber's help, I found I could thrive while having BOTH a family and a career, being BOTH a great mom and a person capable of filling my own cup with joyful achievements. Thank you so much, Amber!”

–Angela Savoy

“Guided with such grace, openness, authenticity and hard-won know-how, Amber's Stretch Marks Retreat is an absolute gem. I met some amazing women there and it truly changed the trajectory of my life. The feelings and experiences we explored and shared have left effects that have taken deep root in my soul, and I highly recommend it!”

–Kate Armour

“One of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had.”

–Kayo Libiano

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The “Get Back You” Plan

Helping yourself is the first step to improving the world around you.


Choose a retreat

Our hand-selected locations and soul-filling programming will leave you feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you. Choose a retreat the fits your schedule and piques your interest


Reserve your spot

To offer the best experience for each person, availability is limited. Your trip truly begins as soon as you make a reservation, the break you need is just around the corner!


Go on retreat

The best part! Show up to relax, dive in, spend some much needed alone time and some workshop time to learn exactly what you need at this point in your life.


Change your life

The true transformation sets in after the retreat as you integrate the learnings from your experience into your every day life. Experience lasting change & boost happiness for yourself and those around you.


Upcoming Retreats

It’s more than just a break, it’s a shift. YOU will feel different.


Enjoy the benefits of saying YES to yourself

• Feel more connected to family and friends

• Feel more confident in yourself and your life-choices

• Experience less resentment, anxiety, and frustration

• Develop more patience with those you love

• Feel less overwhelmed and exhausted every day

• Become more focused and clear about your path in life

• Feel more EXCITED and joyful in the little moments

• Develop a gratitude and forgiveness practice

• Become more forgiving of yourself and those around you

• Learn to release your self-judgement and self-doubt


Or choose to continue feeling and doing the same

• Feel overwhelmed, hopeless, or frustrated

• Continue to feel effected by the negativity around you

• Experience resentment and judgement towards yourself and others

• Hold on to limiting beliefs

• Feel like you’re missing out on something bigger and better

• Blame others for your lack of joy

• Lose the ability to trust in yourself and the decisions you make

• Feel out of control, anxious, or fearful

• Continue feeling confused and scattered about what you want next in your life

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 Don’t do it just for yourself

Do it for your kids, your boss, your spouse, your coworkers— everyone in your life! Allow yourself the opportunity to create more time, think more clearly, and uncover what’s next for YOU.